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In early 2007, blogger Lauren Bove began having problems with her left hand. One by one, the extensor tendons in her fingers ruptured. When she realized the problem wasn’t going to go away on its own, she went looking for a good surgeon. "In my search for the person who could put not only my hand but my life back together, I stumbled upon HSS and Dr. Scott W. Wolfe," she writes on one of her blogs, entitled "Dr. Wolfe Appreciation Site."

"[As] all readers who come to these pages will attest, it is rare to find a web page devoted to a sole medical professional by a patient with only the warmest things to report," she says. "That said, you know that this is one special doctor."

After describing her consult ("thorough, professional and informative") and her surgical scheduling ("the resulting surgery was fit into the busiest schedule imaginable"), she goes on to describe the surgery, explaining that the procedure was much more involved than she’d originally thought.

"The event lasted six hours," she writes. "I was cauterized and excised and fused; tendons were transferred and tied in an unusual places, stitched, and given a rather good once over." She was also given, in her opinion, "a fine stock of hardware I'm excited to see set off the nearest metal detector."

She was also excited to find that she was able to go home as soon as she woke up from the procedure. After going home, she found the post-surgical care to be "fantastic." On the blog, she conveys her admiration for his office staff and the impact of her experience with her rehabilitation specialist: "She saw me through my rehab and the winter with the warmth of a genuine friend."

She closes her blog entry with one last suggestion: "If you've injured your hand, or other upper extremity, you can do no better than to seek out the medical wisdom of Dr. Wolfe currently at HSS in New York. Tell him I sent you."

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