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Castle Connolly Medical LTD. America’s Top Doctors 15th Anniversary Nominated by Peers, Selected by Experts, The Best In American Medicine 2001, 2007-19

Castle Connolly Medical LTD. Best Doctors in New York Metro Area 2001-2019.

Emmanual B. Kaplan Award for Best Anatomical Paper at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Mahmood B., Marshall D., Wolfe S.W., Lee S.K., Fufa D.T. Anatomic Evaluation of the Obturator Branch to the Gracilis Muscle to Optimize its use as a Free Functional Muscle Transfer for Elbow Flexion Reanimation. Boston 2018.

Linscheid Dobyns Excellence in Wrist Research Award at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Perez A.J., Jethanandani R.G., Vutescu E.S., Myers K., Lee S.K., Wolfe S.W. What causes DISI? A Cadaveric Study of the Critical Ligament Stabilizers of the Intercalated Segment. Boston 2018.

2017 Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award: American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Wolfe, S.W.; Crisco, J.J.: Kinematics of the Normal and Injured Wrist: The Importance of the Midcarpal Joint American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons/Orthopedic Research Society March 19, 2017.

BMA Medical Book Awards 2017 Surgical specialties: Highly Commended. Presented to Scott W Wolfe, Robert Hotchkiss, William C Pederson, Scott H Kozin and Mark S Cohen and Elsevier Inc for Green’s Operative Hand Surgery , 2 Volume Set, 7th Edition.

Charles L. Christian, MD Award for Excellence in Musculoskeletal Research at Hospital for Special Surgery on project entitled "Brachial Plexitis or Neuritis? MRI Features of Lesion Distribution in Parsonage-Turner." Oral presentation presented at HSS Clinical Fellows Research Day June 15, 2017. Authors: Kalia V, Sneag DB, Lee SC, Rancy SK, Wolfe SW, Lee SK, and Feinberg JH.

1st Prize, New York Society for Surgery of the Hand Resident and Fellows night. Rancy, S.K., Swanstrom, M.M.., DiCarlo, E.F., Sneag, D.B., Lee, SK., Wolfe, SW. Success of Scaphoid Nonunion is Independent of Proximal Pole Vascularity. New York 2017.

Top Ten Downloaded Papers in Hand Surgery, Rainbow MJ, Wolff AL, Crisco JJ, Wolfe SW. Functional kinematics of the wrist. Annual Meeting, Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand, Santander Spain, June 24, 2016.

1st Prize, New York Society for Surgery of the Hand Resident and Fellows night. Hernandez-Soria, A., Das De, S., Model, Z., Lee, SK., Wolfe, SW. The Effect of Capitate Position on Coronal Plane Motion Following Four Corner Fusion. 2015

1st prize, New York Society for Surgery of the Hand Residents and Fellows night Swanson, A, Feinberg, J., Wolfe, S.W. “Neurotization vs. standard nerve repair: A comparison of surgical technique in an animal model of chronic denervation. 2008.

Emanuel B. Kaplan Award for Anatomical Excellence in Surgery of the Hand. 60th Annual Meeting, American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Joseph J. Crisco, PhD, Edward Akelman, MD, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD, Scott W. Wolfe, MD. In vivo Radioscaphoid and Radiolunate Kinematics and the Dart Throwers Motion. 2005.

The Sterling Bunnell Traveling Fellowship, Am. Society Surgery of the Hand 1997.

The Wayne O. Southwick Teaching Award, Yale Univ. School of Medicine 1992, 1996.

The T. Campbell Thompson Award for Orthopaedic Excellence, Hospital for Special Surgery and Cornell University Medical College 1984.

Dean's Research Prize for Orthopedics, Cornell Univ. Medical College 1984.

Scott Wolfe, MD
Upper Extremity Surgeon
Dr. Wolfe is an internationally recognized Hand, Wrist and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon
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