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Scott Wolfe, MD | Upper Extremity Surgeon

Dr. Scott Wolfe is acknowledged to be one of the most experienced, innovative and authoritative experts in orthopedic upper extremity care. He maintains an active practice and teaches students daily as a Cornell Medical School Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. He is recognized for his expertise in the wrist, scaphoid surgery, distal radius fractures, wrist fracture non-unions and Parsonage-Turner treatment. As an educator he has improved the surgical education, skill level, and techniques practiced by the most up-to-date hand surgeons. As lead author, he has published well over 140 major papers throughout his 25 year career in the most respected, peer-reviewed, American medical journals. His career goal is to help achieve consistently superior patient outcomes in hand and nerve surgery.

Dr. Wolfe is frequently called upon to operate on highly complex and problematic conditions. He treats upper extremity problems that are incapacitating to the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows and the plexus in patients of all ages. World class musicians and professional athletes have had their mobility restored through the care of Dr. Wolfe, who has consistently been rated as one of New York's best doctors for over twenty years.

Patient Reviews

Sep 11, 2018

Dr. Wolfe performed surgery on my right wrist. I had total confidence in him and the outcome of the surgery. I wanted the best and that is what I got!

-Melissa G.

May 31, 2018

Dr. Wolfe’s excellence as a highly-skilled hand surgeon are as superb as his ability to engage with patients and put them at ease. Sensitive to his patients, Dr. Wolfe takes the time necessary to be sure his patients are comfortable before and after surgery and as he carefully performs delicate surgery. I know from colleagues and my own recent surgery just how exceptional Dr. Wolfe is. I had peace of mind knowing that I was in the safe hands of Dr. Wolfe and his professional, caring staff Brenda Friedler in Stamford, CT

Dr WOLFE repaired my broken wrist with perfection and humor! An amazing experience. He also fixed a trigger finger in the shortest out- patient operation ever!! Both procedures are perfect!!! Dr. WOLFE is the best!!! Bertha Judith Hanau in NY, NY

If you are reading this, then just like me- you’re looking for the best arm and hand surgeon you can find. I will tell you- you found him. I came to Dr. Wolfe- with a serious crushing arm and hand injury from being pulled into a machine. After 3 surgeries from local doctors, my arm and hand was still unusable and further worsened by 4 months of terrible post care. Local doctors had already concluded that my arm would be 50% at best, and probably live with pain for the rest of my life. I felt like I was on the verge of losing any use of my arm. Over the next 4 months and an additional 4 long surgeries with Dr. Wolfe, he systematically rebuilt my hand and arm. Today- I am 100% with no restrictions and no pain. Dr Wolfe did such an excellent job that you can hardly notice anything ever happened.

Dr. Wolfe is not only the foremost expert in the field- he is a kind and concerned Doctor that takes the time to listen to you. Dr. Wolfe makes sure that you understand the treatment plan every step of the way. The emotional and physical care he showed during such a trying time- gave me the opportunity to do my part and get back to living life again.
Forever grateful to Dr. Wolfe

-Gabe C.

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